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  It was back in early February of 2011 when I was looking at the idea of publishing my own design book. Basically, it would be a book featuring design works that I have done which I could use to present to prospective clients or for any future job search. I wasn't seeking a huge quantity of prints. Maybe just 100 copies of my book. Searching online for a printing source turned up several well known and established internet publishers that allows you to self-publish your own titles. It seemed pretty easy at first and that all transactions were done online. Payment, publishing and collection would be a brisk as it was all done within the websites. Just determine the publication format, the printing techniques required, and the quantity. Upload your files. And make the payment. Easy.

And that got me thinking.

What if we could push the medium of self-publishing further? What if we could actually publish our own books easily and sell them at a REAL store for a change? What if we could be like that famous author who always gets his books displayed at the premium section in the window display? And lastly, what if the service was actually targeted to designers and creative's?

Say if a designer had a truck load of tips in how to use Photoshop and wanted to write a tutorial book and publish it AND sell it at a bookstore, now wouldn't he then have a proper avenue to do it?

And thus, I wasted no time in drawing up the concept. Coming up with what I think the actual store would look like, the complete branding package with websites and printed collaterals. There isn't a client involved and that is what made it all the more fun. I suppose, I made the best client for my own self. Which is an irony as the entire concept of the bookstore was based on this fact. That designers were their own clients as they were self-publishing for themselves and selling their books to other designers.

And it seemed that the entire process in coming up with this retail concept followed a story arc of its own in how it came to fruition.

And so The Story Unfolds.

Project scope /   Retail strategy  +  ID  +  Print  +  Web  +  Illustration


  ID / The bookstore interior in first draft conception. The final design stayed true to the original sketch.
  Print /  Collaterals crucial to communicating the idea of the retail space.
  Web /  The initial interface layout for the online platform of the store before the finalized design.

   Illustration  /  I've had many enquiries regarding the illustrations for the poster art and whether I drew them. In fact, I did!

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