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 In 1907, Alfred Dunhill opened the first tobacco shop in Duke Street, London. 

 A century later, The 1907 Store in Apgujeong, Seoul pays homage to a time honoured   

 tradition and the art of personalisation in tobacco making.   


 Recreating an era when the Dunhill tobacconist played a central role in creating personalised  

 mixtures to for each customer, The 1907 Store features a My Mixture bar where customers  

 have their favourite tobacco mixture recorded which will then be recreated by the tobacconist   

 each time they visit the store. Specially designed jars are used to store a large variety of only  

 the finest grade tobacco leafs that Dunhill has to offer.    


 The 1907 store is the result of an integrated effort by members of the 3D team at G2 APAC   

 HUB.  Huang Zi was the art director who led the initial conceptualization via hand sketches.  

   Status: Completed   Agency: G2 Apac 
   Location: Seoul, South Korea 
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