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 Nuro demands that we throw caution to the wind when it comes to 

 what we wear.  Wear anything, wear everything is the all encompassing 

 motto of the brand. To not worry about conforming to current trends.  

 To not be bothered about what others think about what we are, who we are 

 and of course - what we wear on any given day.  


 Nuro is a fuss free fashion brand with clothing for the "couldn't care less"  

 shopper.  To bring forth the brand's values without being too loud is   

 the predominant monochrome colour usage - just plain old black and   

 white in the space.  Being an Asian brand, the logo symbolizes a maze  

 that takes you back to the same place which ever way you look at it. 

 In essence, we are who we are. And it don't matter what we wear. 

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